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People I talk to often ask the question, “Why vaping?” Or, “Why vape?” The easiest answer I can give is a testimony. I am a reformed smoker of over 40 years. Vaping was my path to freedom from that unhealthy habit. When I was smoking cigarettes, every time I lit one up, I would think to myself, “I really need to quit this.” Knowing how bad they were, and knowing I should quit, was not enough though. Cigarettes were ‘in my head’ and I was convinced that I didn’t have the wherewithal within me to actually take on that battle.

When my nephew came to me one day with his personal vaporizer and had me take a “hit”, I realized instantly that this was something that could displace the nastiness of the cigarettes (the tar and literally thousands of other known nasties) and that I could then “wean” myself from the nicotine addiction… painlessly. While I was still researching vaping, my nephew gave me a personal vaporizer as a gift. Finishing my research, I was convinced to put cigarettes aside the next week in favor of giving vaping an honest shot.  Vaping gave me the victory I previously hadn’t thought possible and changed my life forever. I have not picked up another cigarette, and I have never looked back. Nor do I want to.

In a nutshell, that is our answer to the question, “Why vaping?” And, that is why we chose to build this business. Our primary goal is to offer an alternative toward a healthier life free from cigarettes.

The choice is yours, and we hope you will stop in of you are 18 or older as we do not serve minors. From the minute you walk through our doors, you will notice that we aren’t your average vapor shop. Our store is located in Rapid City, South Dakota. We exist to provide our customers with the very best vapor products and e-liquids available. Whether you are new to vaping or well advanced, we’re here to enhance your experience.  We are a vendor of some of the industries’ finest e-liquids, hand selected for flavor and quality. We provide a full tasting bar so our customers can know before they buy. City Vapes also stocks the latest in vaping hardware from starter kits to high-end personal vaping devices, including a full-line of accessories and replacement coils for most major recognized brands. Stop in for a visit and bring along your questions. Our atmosphere is comfortable to folks of all ages and our friendly, knowledgeable staff is looking forward to serving you.

City Vapes

City Vapes

318 Mt Rushmore Rd. , Suite B
Rapid City, SD 57701